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VINTAGE 1950'S WILDROOT Cream Oil Hair Dressing Bottle Box - $37.99 |  PicClick

Fearless Fosdick Wildroot Cream-Oil Sign This lot

The company first started selling Wildroot Hair Tonic in 1911,
In the 1920s, the tonic was primarily marketed to women, with advertisements warning that
bobbed hair and tight hats would
cause baldness, unless they used the Wildroot product.

Wildroot started marketing the product to men in the 1930s,
In 1937, the company was scolded by the
Federal Trade
for claiming that Wildroot Hair Tonic keeps
the scalp "healthy", "penetrates" the sebaceous glands,
cleans up dandruff "completely", and that the results were "guaranteed".    

Wildroot Cream-Oil was first sold in 1943, In the 1950s, it was
associated with the
greaser subculture, teenage boys who
slicked their hair down into a
ducktail style.]

A "Wildroot Hair Groom" is still being marketed today by the
Oakhurst Company.  

MaineCourse: Wild Root Cream Oil


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