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The crater lies on the south end of Inver Grove Heights, near
the Mississippi River.

(Fox News) – University of Minnesota researchers have discovered
an ancient crater lying 350 feet below a Mississippi River suburb.

A team of scientists at the Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS) –
part of the university’s College of Science and Engineering’s
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences – discovered the
crater while updating a geologic map of Dakota County; the
county borders Minneapolis and St. Paul.

For reference, researchers say they believe this crater would be
11 times the size of the famous Meteor Crater in Arizona. They
say it appears the massive meteor struck the earth around 490
million years ago, putting it near the end of the Cambrian period.

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James Robert Cade
(September 26, 1927 – November 27, 2007)

On October 2, 1965, a team of scientists invented Gatorade, a
sports drink to quench thirst, in a University of Florida lab. The
name "Gatorade" is derived from the nickname of the university’s
sports teams. Eventually, the drink becomes a phenomenon and
makes its inventors wealthy.

Early in the summer of 1965, University of Florida assistant football coach Dewayne Douglas met a group of scientists on campus to determine why many of Florida’s players were so negatively
affected by heat. To replace bodily fluids lost during physical
exertion, Dr. James Robert Cade and his team of researchers
created the sports drink.

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