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The written oath used by Reagan to practice for his swearing-in ceremony in 1981.

(FoxNews) – Even Ronald Reagan needed most of January to begin signing the
correct year, and the proof is in a one-of-a-kind document inscribed by the
Gipper and given to a trusted aide the day the 40th president took the oath
of office. 

After giving the 41-word oath to Chief Justice Warren Burger on Jan. 20, 1981,
Reagan inscribed and dated the printed version he’d used for practice for a
trusted aide.

The document is now up for sale for $62,500, according to rare documents
dealer Nathan Raab, whose Philadelphia-area company obtained the item
from an unnamed seller.

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President Ronald Reagan, wife Nancy and Chief Justice Warren
Burger during the 1981 oath of office cermony.



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RMS Titanic

LONDON (AP) –  A corroded iron key to a locker on the Titanic has sold at
auction for $104,000 by Henry Aldridge & Son in Devizes, western England
on Saturday.

The key belonged to Sidney Sedunary, a 23-year-old ship’s steward. He was
one of the 1,500 people who died when the state-of-the-art passenger liner
stuck an iceberg and sank August 15,1912 during its maiden voyage from
England to New York.

The key, attached to a brass tag stamped "Locker 14 F Deck," was sent to
Sedunary’s pregnant widow after his body was recovered. Prices for Titanic
artifacts have soared in recent years.

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