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NASHVILLE, Tenn.–This weekend, Dale Earnhardt’s iconic No. 3 Chevrolet
Monte Carlo will return to the racetrack to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Talladega Superspeedway and Richard Childress Racing.

Childress will drive the No. 3 to pace the field at Talladega on Sunday prior
to the start of the 500. The iconic team owner started his
NASCAR career at Talladega’s grand-opening weekend and the track is
also home to Earnhardt’s last career victory in October 2000.

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Ralph Dale Earnhardt (April 29, 1951 – February 18, 2001)

On February 18, 2001, Dale Sr. lost his life at the 43rd running of
The Great American Race following a devastating collision on the
outside wall at Daytona International Speedway. He was 49 years

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NASCAR & International Motorsports Hall of Famer Richard Childress.

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Michael Stefanik (May 20, 1958 – September 15, 2019)

(FoxNews) – NASCAR champion Michael Stefanik died Sunday in a
single-engine plane crash near the Rhode Island state line.

Connecticut state police said Stefanik took off in a single-engine,
single-seat Aerolite 103 from the Riconn Airport in Coventry, R.I.,
and was turning back to the airfield when it crashed in a wooded

“Mike Stefanik was one of the most successful drivers in NASCAR
history, but even more so, he was a true representative of our sport,
” NASCAR Chairman and CEO Jim France said in a statement. “His
tough, competitive nature and excellence on the race track won him
the admiration of fans and competitors alike.”

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Jessi Combs (July 27, 1983 – August 27, 2019)

(FoxNews) – Jet-car race driver and TV personality Jessi Combs died
tragically during an attempt to break her own land-speed record.

She was involved in the fatal crash during her attempt on Tuesday
on a dry lake bed in Oregon. She was attempting to hit 619 mph.

The details of the crash have not been released at this time.


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The first race was held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, now the home of
the world’s most famous motor racing competition, the Indianapolis 500.

Built on 328 acres of farmland five miles northwest of Indianapolis, Indiana,
the speedway was started by local businessmen as a testing facility for
Indiana’s growing automobile industry. The idea was that occasional races
at the track would pit cars from different manufacturers against each other
and after seeing what these cars could do, spectators would presumably
head down to the showroom of their choice to get a closer look.

The rectangular two-and-a-half-mile track linked four turns, each exactly 440
yards from start to finish, by two long and two short straight sections. In that
first five-mile race on August 19, 1909, 12,000 spectators watched Austrian
engineer Louis Schwitzer win with an average speed of 57.4 miles per hour.

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Louis Schwitzer (1880 – 1967) winner of the inaugural
race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.        

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Nils Ivar Bohlin (July 17, 1920 – September 21, 2002)

Nils Bohlin, the Swedish engineer and inventor responsible
for the three-point lap and shoulder seatbelt–considered
one of the most important innovations in automobile safety,
was born in Härnösand, Sweden.

Before 1959, only the two-point lap belts were available in
automobiles; for the most part, the only people who regularly
buckled up were race car drivers.

In 1942 Bohlin started working for the aircraft maker Saab as
an aircraft designer and helped develop ejection seats. In 
1958 he joined Volvo as a safety engineer where he invented
the three-point safety belt, now a standard safety feature in
all cars.

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