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Photos: President Kennedy conducts first live news conference | News |

President John F. Kennedy introduced a new era of White
House communications
when he hosted the first live
televised presidential press conference on this day in
history, Jan. 25, 1961.

OTD in History… January 25, 1961, John F Kennedy becomes the first president to hold a televised ...

JFK holds first televised news conference, Jan. 25, 1961 - POLITICO

OTD in History… January 25, 1961, John F Kennedy becomes the first president to hold a televised ...

On this day in history, Jan. 25, 1961, JFK hosts first live televised ...

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US Supreme Court release report on investigation into Roe vs Wade leak ...

Roe v. Wade
, the landmark Supreme Court decision that
established a woman’s legal right to an abortion, was
decided on January 22, 1973. The Court ruled, in a 7-2
decision, that a woman’s right to choose an abortion
was protected by the privacy rights guaranteed by the
Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The
legal precedent for the decision was rooted in the 1965
case of Griswold v. Connecticut, which established the
right to privacy involving medical procedures.

Does The Reasoning In Roe V Wade Matter
Members of the U.S. Supreme Court as seen in 1973.

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Image result for ronald reagan elected in 1980
President Ronald Reagan, wife Nancy and Chief Justice
Warren Burger during the 1981 oath of office ceremony.

On January 20, 1981, minutes after Ronald Reagan’s inauguration
as the 40th president of the United States (above) the 52 U.S.
captives held at the U.S. embassy in Teheran, Iran (above)
were released, ending the 444-day
Iran Hostage Crisis

On November 4, 1979, the crisis began when militant Iranian
students, outraged that the U.S. government had allowed the
ousted shah of Iran to travel to
New York City for medical
treatment, seized the U.S. embassy in Teheran.

Old Newspapers: The End of the Iran Hostage Crisis in Headlines | Kansas City With The Russian ...

Key moments in the 1979 Iran hostage crisis at US Embassy

1979 Iran Hostage Crisis Recalled | National Security Archive

Americans held in Iran during 444-day hostage crisis finally get compensation - Daily Press

This Day In History: 01/20/1981 - Iran Hostage Crisis Ends - HISTORY

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Remembering HUD’s Robert C Weaver, First Black Presidential Cabinet Member – The pink report news
Robert Clifton Weaver (December 29, 1907 – July 17, 1997)

On January 13, 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed
the first African American cabinet member, making Robert C.
Weaver (above) head of the Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD), the agency that develops and implements
national housing policy and enforces fair housing laws.

In keeping with his vision for a Great Society, Johnson sought
to improve race relations and eliminate urban blight. As many
of the country’s African Americans lived in run-down inner-city
areas, appointing Weaver was an attempt to show his African
American constituency that he meant business on both counts.

Looking Black On Today In 1966, President Johnson Appointed The First Black Cabinet Member ...

Robert C. Weaver: First African-American Cabinet Secretary | Time

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Rush Limbaugh Wiki: Young, Photos, Ethnicity & Gay or Straight - Entertainmentwise

Rush Limbaugh Gun Control - YouTube

Rush Limbaugh Dead: Radio Talk Show Host and Conservative Firebrand Was 70 | Hollywood Reporter
Rush Hudson Limbaugh III
(January 12, 1951 – February 17, 2021)

Limbaugh was an American conservative political commentator
who was the host of The Rush Limbaugh Show, which first aired
in 1984 and was nationally syndicated on
AM and FM radio
stations from 1988 until his death in 2021.

Rush was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and the
National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. During the
2020 State of the Union Address, President Donald Trump
awarded him the
Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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