A young Richard and Karen Carpenter

Richard Carpenter

Richard Lynn Carpenter is best known as one half of the brother/sister duo
The Carpenters, along with his sister Karen Carpenter. He was a producer,
arranger, pianist and keyboardist, and occasional lyricist, as well as joining
with Karen on harmony vocals. Richard composed many of the Carpenters’
hits. Richard is currently mastering a new Christmas album to be released
sometime in the near future.

richard and karen then


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  1. LUIGI says:

    Luv U Richard … always !! Happy New Year 2012 ♥

  2. tikitash says:

    the best ever and ever for eternity….

  3. Linda says:

    You and your sister really were wonderful together.
    thanks for the music.

  4. miguel says:

    Desde Chile un recuerdo de las mejores voces que se hayan escuchado

  5. Cameron Home says:

    Mr Carpenter, I have really been taken about Karen’s passing I can’t help to listen to her voice as sings the beautiful melodies you two had composed. This is strange but it seems her singing helps me play a better game of hockey! I had to tell you, sorry best Cameron

  6. Bobby says:

    ~Sorry Richard, I never knew you had such a nice voice. Why in God’s name haven’t you pursued more of a musical career? Together you and karen made a terrific duo, but you as a solo would be fantastic. There are a lot of the “Baby Boomers” out there that would love for you to reinvent your songs.~

  7. First of Happy Birthday Richard, I just want to tell a short story that is long to short, as I am now 56 years old, and I have listened to your music since I was very young, and from the rest of Karen’s Life, I cherished Karen and admired her so much myself, and wanted to be just like her, when I was I was in my 30’s I was doing the same thing as Karen starving myself, where I got just as sick, my mother would send me every article about the disease, and all of Karen’s stories telling me if I keep it up I am going to die as well she worried to death over my health, I was in the hospital with my stomach that had even ended up in my diaphragm, and had to have emergency surgery and had to even have a mess placed around my stomach and diaphragm, so I would not do it again, I almost died at that time, but still I wanted to be just like my idol, Karen, and then I started the laxatives, and my iron level dropped to a very low level and was put in Icu to recieve iv Iron, and then of course they gave me too much which caused my joints all stiff and then they had to fix that, My mother died of smoking herself to death over me, and died of lung cancer in 1997 and was never able to tell her one last time I loved her, so I hurt my mother so much that caused her to smoke her self to her death, and I was the cause, I miss her till this day, and am so sorry I did not listen to her, as to this day now, I have so many health issue it is not even funny, and it was all caused from throwing up not eating, and the laxatives, so anyone out there please never do what we both did, Richard, another thing, I was married to my highschool sweetheart which was very abusive in all ways, and all I ever did was listen and sing the songs she sang to my ex, as I wanted him love me like Karen looked for, and after 20 years and five kids I divorced him after he broke my back, and have been single now for 20 years, and still listen to every song the both of you sang, and still cry as I think every song embeded in my heart, as I still want the same love she wanted, and cry daily as I think my life is over as well. I want to say one thing that is a good cry is when my son that is dying of Chrons disease, bowel disease, and bowel cancer at 34, 12 years ago him and his wife got married and on the mother and son dance, I had then use close to you, as every word is just for my son, he is a great kid, and just tonight when I slipped and told him my latest illness, and did not want too, as he don’t need to stress over me, so I called him back, and had him listen to the song close to you and told him to always remember that good time and not what is going on now with myself, and he promised me he would, I even found these puppet frogs which he loves, that you put your hand in the puppets mouth and it sang close to you and we would put them together and pretend we were dancing at the wedding, as he would stoop me and swing me around, The best memory any mother could have . I thank you and Karen for giving me the joy of this, and giving me hope for love as well, after her death, I did stop straving myself, as I was devasted over her death , I will miss her as much as your family will miss her the rest of my life. I just wish I knew how to contact you when she was alive to get a autograph of the both of you my idols for life, no one these days ever compare to you two, I would have that picture up on my office till this day so I can give her my love, and one question, what year did Karen get married as I never seen a year, and were they married till she passed away? I hope so, as I know she was the happiness on that day I have ever seen her, she was glowing and that smile was even bigger than normal. I hope he and her were there till the end, well enough of me, do you have a place on the internet that I can go and see your daughter sing , as I am sure she has Karens voice, and would enjoy this as well, Best wishes to you and your family, and hope you the best birthday ever , I wish I can get over my pain I have suffered looking for love as well, as her songs are in my mind for life and think the same as she did, Love the both of you , Kathy

  8. jenny says:

    my family likes ur misics. God be with u all

  9. Jaimie Lee says:

    Dearest Richard,
    My name is Jaime Lee which means little I know, you have millions who start their comment the same, but I was 10 when Karen passed away, I was in a running race for school which I won, but when I finished my friends told me Karen was announced passed away, dead? I fell to my knees and cried, for months not days not weeks, months…. I was so sad, I could not feel, when I knew I was feeling again I wrote a song for Karen. Truth is I was a blessed child given the talent of music by God, its not something you are taught to me, its either in you or not, people who are taught a brilliant I know, but their s an element of uniqueness that no one can teach you.
    I would be honored if you would look at the You Tube clip I made recently 30 years later, called different on the outside, its bizzare, since you and Karen stopped releasing singles I even as a child wrote and wrote and sang to keep you both alive I taught myself piano, drums and 7 other instruments, but the most beautiful gift I have is being able to sing in the basement voice level with realness and write melodies and songs you would live and words which melt the heart. I’m not after anything at all, just for Richard to hear me and know I will keep his and Karens music alive in this 2013 world. my email is [email protected] if you cannot open You Tube,

  10. Hay Rich, I still miss her so bad.

  11. ROSELENE SOUZA says:

    Músicas inesquecíveis, tenho ótimas lembranças da minha adolescia.

  12. Gazelle says:

    I mist your b-day, but i am sure I enjoy listening over and over your songs, with your sister and all by yourself. Hope at 65 you still have all that love that shows when you were younger.
    That is what you reflected in all the videos there are about “The Carpenters” that is the feelings I get from your face and actions.
    Thank you for the music and the songs you and your sister sang, they still sound for me as it was yesterday once more..

    Love you Richard.

  13. James Edinger says:

    you people do know that you’re not writing to Richard, right?

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