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Purple Heart Day in U.S. 2023: Date, History, Facts about Purple Heart Day

Purple Heart Day, a day dedicated to giving back. On this day,
Americans honor and remember the brave men and women
who served their country and were wounded or slain in the
line of duty. These individuals are awarded the Purple Heart
in the honor of the President, and this day is dedicated to
remembering their service and sacrifice.

Some states, counties, and municipalities observe a moment
of silence, as do some athletics and entertainment organizations. Additionally, military and veteran organizations conduct
memorial events.

Join us in honoring those who have been awarded the Purple Heart.         

1782: Washington Created the Purple Heart 
In 1782, General George Washington created The Purple
Heart, then known as the “Badge for Military Merit.”

Most Don’t Know Of The Act That Earned JFK A Purple Heart In WWII | Frontline Videos        

Then Navy Commander John F. Kennedy was
the only future President presented the
purple heart while recovering from back
surgery in 1944. 

Kennedy was injured while rescuing three  
members his crew when their PT-109 was
struck by a Japanese destroyer near the
Solomon Islands in 1943.

National Purple Heart Day – George R. Wolff VFW Post #425 – the Hopkins VFW


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