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Children's Book Authors : BIRTH | Aug. 12–Zerna Sharp (Dick and Jane Books)

Dick and Jane
are the two main characters created by
Zerna Sharp
for a series of
basal readers written by William S. Gray to teach
children to read. The characters first appeared in the
in 1930 and continued in a subsequent series of books
through the final version in 1965. These readers were used in
classrooms in the United States and in other English-speaking
countries for nearly four decades, reaching the height of their
popularity in the 1950s, when 80 percent of first-grade students
in the United States used them.

Zerna Addis Sharp (1889-1981) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree
Zerna Addis Sharp
(August 12, 1889 – June 17, 1981)

Dick and Jane: Story of These Early Readers - America Comes Alive

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REMEMBER THIS RADIO/TELEVISION SERIES Dangerous Assignment: Brian Donlevy, Herbert Butterfield, Bill Karn, Robert Ryf, Adrian Gendot, Al C. Ward


Dangerous Assignment was an NBC radio drama starring Brian Donlevy
broadcast in the US 1949–1953, a syndicated television series
distributed in from 1951–52 (also starring Brian Donlevy), and an
Australian radio series broadcast from 1954-56 as remakes of the
original American  radio scripts. Dangerous Assignment: The Complete Television Collection: Brian Donlevy, Various: Movies & TV  

Brian DONLEVY : Biography and movies
Waldo Brian Donlevy (February 9, 1901 – April 6, 1972)


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DRINKING OF ELDER MEN: An End of Something


I Led 3 Lives (also known as I Led Three Lives) is an drama series
syndicated by Ziv Television Programs from October 1, 1953,
to January 1, 1956. The series stars
Richard Carlson
. It was a
companion piece to the radio drama I Was a Communist 
for the FBI,
which dealt with a similar subject and was
also syndicated by Ziv from 1952 to 1954.


I Led 3 Lives - ALLEN GLOVER

I Led 3 Lives - ALLEN GLOVER I LED THREE LIVES starring Richard Carlson

Richard Carlson | Radio Star | Old Time Radio Downloads



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1959 Johnson Smith & Co. Novelties & Toys Catalog Vintage

The Johnson Smith Company was a mail-order company established in 1914
Alfred Johnson Smith in Chicago, Illinois that sold novelty and gag gift
items such as
x-ray goggles, whoopee cushions, fake vomit, and joy buzzers.

The company moved from Chicago to Racine, Wisconsin in 1926, to Detroit
in the 1930s, and from the Detroit area to
Bradenton, Florida in 1986.

In 2014, Johnson Smith & Co. marked its 100th anniversary. On December
31, 2019, the company’s website announced that they had ceased
operations and closed.

Remember Johnson Smith Catalog? Did You Read The Johnson-Smith ...

Early 20th century Ventriloquism Guide and novelties catalogue.

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Image result for instamatic camera flash cube

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