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Vintage Halloween Ad - Woolworth

The F. W. Woolworth Company (often referred to as Woolworth’s or Woolworth) was a retail company and one of the original pioneers
of the
five-and-dime store. It was among the most successful
American and international five-and-dime businesses, setting
trends and creating the modern retail model that stores follow
worldwide today.

The first Woolworth store was opened by Frank Winfield Woolworth
on February 22, 1879, as “Woolworth’s Great Five Cent Store” in
Utica, New York. Though it initially appeared to be successful, the
store soon failed. When Woolworth searched for a new location,
a friend suggested
Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Using the sign from
the Utica store, Woolworth opened his first successful “Woolworth’s Great Five Cent Store” on July 18, 1879, in Lancaster. He brought
his brother,
Charles Sumner Woolworth, into the business.

The two brothers pioneered and developed merchandising, direct purchasing, sales, and customer service practices commonly
used today.

Frank Winfield Woolworth
(April 13, 1852 – April 8, 1919)

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On October 16, 1958, Chevrolet began to sell a car-truck hybrid that
it called the El Camino. Inspired by the Ford Ranchero, which had
already been on the market for two years, the El Camino was a combination sedan-pickup truck built on the Impala body, with the
same “cat’s eye” taillights and dramatic rear fins. It was, ads trilled,
“the most beautiful thing that ever shouldered a load!” “It rides and handles like a convertible,” Chevy said, “yet hauls and hustles like
the workingest thing on wheels.”

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Stetson is a brand of hat manufactured by the John B. Stetson

Stetson‘s inspiration for his most famous hats was gained when
headed west from his native New Jersey for health reasons. On
his return east in 1865 he founded the John B. Stetson Company
in Philadelphia and created a hat that has become symbolic of
the pioneering American West, the
Boss of the Plains”. This
Western hat would become the cornerstone of Stetson’s hat
business and is still in production today.




John Batterson Stetson
(May 5, 1830 – February 18, 1906)


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On September 30, 1947, the New York Yankees beat the Brooklyn
Dodgers, 5-3, in Game 1 of the World Series—the first Fall Classic
game broadcast on television. It is the second “Subway Series”
between and Yankees and Dodgers and first World Series to
involve a black player.
Jackie Robinson of the Dodgers broke
Major League Baseball’s color barrier six months earlier.

While Red Barber and Mel Allen (below) called the game on the
radio, Bob Stanton described the action on NBC.

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Red Barber (1908 – 1992)         Mel Allen (1913 – 1996)     
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Jack Roosevelt Robinson
(January 31, 1919 – October 24, 1972)

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Canada Dry is a brand of soft drinks owned since 2008 by the
American company
Keurig Dr Pepper. For over 100 years,

Canada Dry has been known mainly for its ginger ale, though
the company also manufactures a number of other soft drinks
and mixers. Although Canada Dry originated in Canada, it is
now produced in many countries.


Annie Oakley is a Western television series that fictionalizes the life
of the famous
Annie Oakley. (Except for depicting the protagonist
as a phenomenal
sharpshooter of the period, the program entirely
ignores the facts of the historical Oakley’s life.) Featuring actress
Gail Davis in the title role, the weekly program ran from January
1954 to February 1957 in
syndication. A total of 81 black-and-white
episodes were produced, with each installment running 25 minutes
in length.
ABC aired daytime reruns of the series on Saturdays and
Sundays from 1959 to 1960 and then again from 1964 to 1965.
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Gail Davis (born Betty Jeanne Grayson)
(October 5, 1925 – March 15, 1997)

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