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The Inauguration of Washington as First President of the United States, April 30th 1789 At the ...

President George Washington was inaugurated as the first
president of the United States on
this day in history, April 30,

In his address, which he delivered at New York City’s Federal
Hall, Washington expressed his anxiety over the prospect of
leading a new nation.

At the time, New York City’s Federal Hall served as the U.S.
Capitol, according to the National Archives.

The Inauguration of President George Washington (1732-99) 30 April, 1789 at the Old City Hall ...

Washington and The American Flag Painting by War Is Hell Store
George Washington (February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799)

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President Ronald Reagan, wife Nancy and Chief Justice
Warren Burger during the 1981 oath of office ceremony.

On January 20, 1981, minutes after Ronald Reagan’s inauguration
as the 40th president of the United States (above) the 52 U.S.
captives held at the U.S. embassy in Teheran, Iran (above)
were released, ending the 444-day
Iran Hostage Crisis

On November 4, 1979, the crisis began when militant Iranian
students, outraged that the U.S. government had allowed the
ousted shah of Iran to travel to
New York City for medical
treatment, seized the U.S. embassy in Teheran.

Old Newspapers: The End of the Iran Hostage Crisis in Headlines | Kansas City With The Russian ...

Key moments in the 1979 Iran hostage crisis at US Embassy

1979 Iran Hostage Crisis Recalled | National Security Archive

Americans held in Iran during 444-day hostage crisis finally get compensation - Daily Press

This Day In History: 01/20/1981 - Iran Hostage Crisis Ends - HISTORY

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On March 4, 1933, at the height of the Great Depression, Franklin
Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated as the 32nd president of the
United States. In his famous inaugural address, delivered outside
the east wing of the U.S. Capitol, Roosevelt outlined his
an expansion of the federal government as an instrument
of employment opportunity and welfare—and told Americans that
“the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Although it was a
rainy day in Washington, and gusts of rain blew over Roosevelt
as he spoke, he delivered a speech that radiated optimism a
nd competence, and a broad majority of Americans united
behind  their new president and his radical economic proposals
to lead the nation out of the Great Depression.

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On December 12, 1963, a vinyl long-playing record (“LP”) called
John Fitzgerald Kennedy: A Memorial Album set a record for
album sales. A total of 4 million copies sold in the first six days
of its release.

The album included recordings of some of Kennedy’s most
memorable speeches, as well as memorial tributes to the
president broadcast in the aftermath of his assassination on 
November 22, 1963. The recordings included excerpts from his
inaugural address and his campaign debates with Richard Nixon
as well as highlights from speeches on a variety of topics.

Each copy of the album cost 99 cents and the proceeds went to
the Joseph Kennedy, Jr., Foundation for Mental Retardation.

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Suez Canal inauguration oil Painting with Ottoman Turkish, Egyptian and French Flags.

The Suez Canal, connecting the Mediterranean and the Red seas,
was inaugurated in an elaborate ceremony attended by French
Empress Eugénie, wife of
Napoleon III

In 1854, Ferdinand de Lesseps, the former French consul to Cairo, secured an agreement with the Ottoman governor of Egypt to build
a canal 100 miles across the Isthmus of Suez. An international team
of engineers drew up a construction plan, and in 1856 the Suez
Canal Company was formed and granted the right to operate the
canal for 99 years after completion of the work.

Construction began in April 1859, and at first digging was done by
hand with picks and shovels wielded by forced laborers. Later,
European workers with dredgers and steam shovels arrived.

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Rare actual photo of the Suez Canal November 16, 1869

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