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Joey Heatherton is a actress, dancer, and singer. She began
her career as a child actress, appearing in 1959 as a member
of the ensemble and an understudy in the original Broadway
production of The Sound of Music. Joey received her first
national exposure that same year as a semi-regular on the
The Perry Como Show on NBC-TV from 1955 to 1959. She
also traveled with Bob Hope’s USO troupe between 1965
and 1977, entertaining the GIs with her singing, dancing
and of course, her provocative outfits.

joey and bob hope

Joey Heatherton with Bob Hope

joey uso tour

Joey is on deck


27 Responses to “JOEY HEATHERTON IS 67 TODAY”

  1. Bill Ruth says:

    Joey: I’m 59; I had a “major league” crush on you as a tennager, & I STILL have a “major league crush on you now!Where have you been hiding yourself? Let’s see more of you!

    • Alison Sterling says:

      Yes Bill I was a big fan of Joey’s also. I’ve been trying to goole more info on her, do you know what states she’s in or do you have a fanclub contact for her? Oh just thought maybe facebook

  2. Bill Ruth says:

    Joey: I am a BIG fan of yours! I saw you on a “Happy Days” rerun a few weeks ago. Let’s see more of you NOW!

  3. Alison Sterling says:

    Joey you still look great! Would liked to have met you.You seem like such a strong person, like my mummie was. You such a good dancer, dancing is good for the soul.

  4. BestTarek says:

    She was really a very sexy and beautyfull women

  5. BJthe DJ says:

    You are amazing and I think you should get ito acting more. It wouldbereally good to see you on TV again too…maybe as a judge on American Idol or something fun. Good luck!

  6. Ron Mosier says:

    I was with the Marines in Viet Nam in 1965 when you toured with Bob Hope. Thanks for taking your time to be there for us. We all loved you, you were great. God bless you.

  7. Mario says:

    I live in Vegas my friend said he dated you in Vegas He was a dealer

  8. steve says:

    Happy Birthday, sweetie. All the best. 🙂

  9. steve says:

    Happy birthday, sweetie. All the best, always. 🙂

  10. Jimmy Wilde says:

    This is the true story of the thirty tumultuous years I spent with Joey Heatherton and also an account of my current search to find her. Joey who? Well, if you are too young to know who Joey Heatherton is, then you are probably not reading this …because this is a especially for the thousands of Joey Heatherton fans around the world.

    I am about to share with you many of the most memorable and outrageous moments Joey and I shared beginning in 1958, when i first met Joey, until the present time. Some of these stories will hopefully make you laugh…and some of them may make you cry… But one thing is for sure. The story of Joey’s rise to stardom and her sudden fall from fame will surely give you an insight as to what this amazing talent is really all about. In between her rise and fall, Joey’s life encompassed the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

    This is a token of the love and respect I have for Joey. It contains true, personal accounts of her life, her loves, and her demons during the time we spent toether. It tells of her life as a teenager attending Catholic school. It tells of her first sexual experience, her relationships with some of the most famous stars in the world. It will show you the highs (appearing at Caisars Palace with Frank Sinatra) and the lows ( her desperate fight to stem her addiction to prescription drugs.

    I will share some photographs of Joey that I took as we frolicked naked on a deserted island in the Bahamas. After reading this, I hope you have a better understanding of what made this extraordinarily, multi talented sex symbol tick.

    • marjolaine says:

      for shame……..she is lovely and was then too….i was traveling with USO and our paths crossed… a singer/dancer we had a lot in common….scummy titillating stories dredged up just show the meanness of those writing them

    • Billy says:


  11. Eric Hein says:

    You are still FANASTIC ! The most beautiful woman in existence today! Iloved your talent as a dancer in my oungr years, and still consider you the best! Best wishes, and a long life to the most attractive won on the planet !

  12. Billy says:

    I remember workin on a construction site in the early 80’s in NYC & saw an extremely hot woman on a trapeze in her apartment in panties & bra. It distracted the whole job. I almost fell 27 floors leaning too far over the edge.. Was that you? Not a stalker just tryin to conferm an old & great memory. If yes, THANX.

  13. ace says:

    always loved her

  14. bobby says:


  15. I remember a lovely, lively, jazzy little gal who all through the 60’s-70’s danced, acted and really tore it up. Looking online just today, I see some bonehead person has captioned a photo of Kathryn Grant Crosby, clearly signing copies of “My Last Years With Bing” (!!) and labeled it as Ms. Heatherton. LOL.. Wonder how the photographer credited with the picture feels? Anyway, Joey, wherever you are, please know that many of us remember you – and are totally clear you NEVER were married..hello??… to Bing Crosby – Heaven help us!

  16. As a ‘longtime sober and clean’, I’ve been thinking long and well about you, Joey. I hope first of all, that you are clean and sober as well. And I wish someday that you’d consider telling your story, warts, nightmare darkness, addiction and all. Far from scorn, I have nothing but respect for those of us who have come back from the edge. One of the things we recovering-folks do is openly talk about our struggles, not to ‘grandstand’, but rather – to share. And in that sharing-we all feel a little less frightened, a little less alone. You were a delight, a true shining star. But, it cost dearly, as fame often does. From my heart: I wish you everything good – and hope one day to read your memoirs. Joey, think about telling others what your have been through – and what you have learned. God bless.

  17. Jeanie says:

    Happy Birhtday, beautiful lady. My husband met you, Bob Hope, Anita Bryant and Raquel Welch in Viet Nam.
    Thank you for your love and support of our troops.

  18. Bob Mahon says:

    I was at your “Coming Out” (Debutatnte) celebration at Aldecress Country Club. Served your Dad a few times too.
    Always liked you.
    How are you doing now.

  19. Robert1202 says:

    Saw you many times on tv and a chance to see you in person at the Holiday House in Pittsburgh PA. I had a front row seat and was the best show i ever saw in my life. Never been in a front row seat in my life. Yes i was in love with you. Always wondered what happened to you and my friend sent me this. I am glad you are still here with us and wish you a happy birthday and many more. Please go on dancing with stars or some sitcom so we can see you again.

  20. RueLa says:

    I lived with my friend, Nance D. in Las Vegas in the mid-70’s. We girls went to the local Vegas disco one nite and I met a handsome guy from New York, who swore I was Joey Heatherton. I gave him my phone number at Nance’s and he phoned me the next day. I confessed that I was who I was, not Joey H., but he kept saying I was lying to him. So, Joey Heatherton, I was to someone for a little while. I had long blond hear and a pretty baby face, I guess, and was flattered that someone thought I was Joey Heatherton! She was a real firecracker back then. Oh that sweet bird of youth!!!

  21. Marc Russo says:

    You were always great and I’m sure you still are. I’ve had a crush on you for a long time. You have a most expressive face and your eyes truly speak. You deserved much better treatment from the entertainment establishment and you remain an eternal star to me and to others…many more than you might think. I hope you’re doing well, and please drop me a line if you wish. All the best!! Marc

  22. Al says:

    Here’s a website you may want to check out.

  23. Phil Johnson says:

    God, you look terrible

  24. Walter says:

    There’s an Appreciation of Joey Heatherton page on Facebbok at: An Apprreciation of Joey Heatherton

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