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Based on outcry from parents who bought into what may have
started as an idle rumor, the
FBI launched a formal investigation
in 1964 into the supposedly pornographic lyrics of the song
“Louie, Louie.” recorded by The Kingsmen.  That investigation
finally neared its conclusion on May 17, 1965, when the FBI
Laboratory declared the lyrics of “Louie Louie”, as sung by the
bands singer Jack Ely (below), to be officially … unintelligible.

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See the source image
Jack Brown Ely (September 11, 1943 – April 28, 2015)

Ely’s famously incoherent vocals were partly the result of his
braces and the rudimentary recording method. The one hour
session cost within $50. He left the band shortly after the 1963
recording session. (
From Wikipedia)

Ely was born in Portland, Oregon where he attended Washington
High School.

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