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Virginia Christine (Virginia Christine Ricketts)
(March 5, 1920 – July 24, 1996)

Stage, radio, film, television, and voice actress
Christine had along career as a character actress
in film and television, she is
best remembered
as “Mrs. Olson” (or the “Folger’s Coffee Woman”)
in a string of television commercials for the coffee
company during the 1960’s and ‘70s.
  She died at
her Brentwood home of cardiovascular disease.

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To honor the iconic candy brand’s 90th anniversary, the brains behind
Snickers decided, hey, what better way to celebrate that than with a
4,700-pound candy bar? Someone in the room then likely said, “There
is no better way!” and thus the “largest Snickers bar ever created” was

The bar reportedly took more than 600 people to construct and used
caramel, peanuts, nougat and 3,500 pounds of chocolate to create the
“equivalent to more than 41,000 single-size Snickers bars.”

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Construction of the large bar (above) that will be a tease to
the Snickers commercial that will be played during the
Super Bowl on Feb. 2.  


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Franklin Clarence Mars
(September 24, 1882 – April 8, 1934)

Frank Mars, founder of Mars, Inc.
(originally called Mar-O-Bar Co.),
invented the Snickers bar in 1930, 
named after the favorite horse of
the Mars family.


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Actor George Stevens Hamilton, born in Memphis, Tennessee.

Hamilton won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for a BAFTA
. He has received one additional BAFTA nomination and two
additional Golden Globe nominations. George Hamilton began his film
career in 1952.


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Cynthia Jane "Cindy" Williams was born in Los Angeles, California.

Cindy Williams starred as Shirley Feeney on the ABC television series Laverne
and Shirley
from 1976 to 1983. She also portrayed Laurie Henderson in the hit
1973 coming of age film American Graffiti. She debuted as an actress through
a variety of commercials for Foster Grant sunglasses (below).  

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A 1972 Foster Grant Commercial with Cindy Williams.

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Richard D. Trentlage

(FoxNews) – The man who got generations of hot dog lovers humming
along to the Oscar Mayer Wiener song has died.

According to an obituary posted online by a northern Illinois funeral home,
Richard Trentlage died on Sept. 21 at age 87.

His daughter Linda Bruun confirmed to the New York Times that the cause
of death was congestive heart failure.

Millions of Americans grew up humming along to Trentlage’s catchy tune:
“Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener.”

Trentlage, an advertising executive, reportedly came up with the jingle in
just an hour after learning that Oscar Mayer was in the market for a new
song to help sell its hot dogs. It debuted in the early 1960s and became
the meat company’s primary advertising jingle in over 20 English-speaking
countries around the world for half a century.

The song was retired in 2010, but has not been forgotten as plenty on
social media paid tribute to the songwriter with a post or Tweet.

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