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Steve Doherty on Twitter: "#OnThisDate 1861 the Pony Express ...

2020 Re-Ride Schedule – National Pony Express Association

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Image result for the bastille prison stormed during the french revolution
On this day in 1789, the French Revolution began when Parisians
stormed the Bastille prison and released seven prisoners inside.

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Outlaw “Billy The Kid” (William H. Bonney) was gunned
down by Sheriff Pat Garrett (below) on this day in 1881.

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Richard Benjamin Speck (December 6, 1941 – December 5, 1991)

Richard Speck murdered student nurses in Chicago (below) on the night’s
of July 13–14, 1966.

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Guarded by detectives, Corazon Amurao arrives at the courthouse in Peoria to testify as the state’s chief witness against mass murderer
Richard Speck on April 5, 1967.

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Image result for mariner 4 probe flies by  mars
The American space probe Mariner 4 flew by Mars, and sent back photographs of the planet (below) on this day in 1965.

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Woodrow Wilson Guthrie (July 14, 1912 – October 3, 1967)

singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie was one of the most significant figures
in American folk music; his songs, including social justice songs, such
as "
This Land Is Your Land", have inspired several generations both
politically and musically. He wrote hundreds of political,
folk, and
children’s songs, along with
ballads and improvised works.

Guthrie died of complications of Huntington’s disease on October 3,
1967. By the time of his death, his work had been discovered by a
new audience, introduced to them through Dylan,
Pete Seeger,
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, his ex-wife Marjorie and other new members
of the folk revival, and his son
Arlo (below).

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On this day in 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his last speech
just 24 hours before he was assassinated. He spoke on… "I’ve Been
To The Mountaintop”.

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On this day in 1936, Richard Bruno Hauptmann was executed for
the kidnapping and death of the son of famous aviator Charles
Lindbergh and his wife Anne.

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Bruno Richard Hauptmann
(November 26, 1899 – April 3, 1936)

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The Charles Lindbergh family.


Image result for president truman signing the marshall plan

President Harry Truman signed the Marshall Plan to revive war-torn Europe on this day in 1948. It was $5 billion in aid for 16 countries.

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On this day in 1882, the outlaw Jesse James was shot in the
back and killed by Robert Ford for a $5,000 reward. There
was later controversy over whether it was actually Jesse
James that had been killed.

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Robert Newton Ford (January 31, 1862 – June 8, 1892)


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The first Pony Express riders left St. Joseph, MO for Sacramento,
CA. on this day in 1860. The trip across country took about 10
days. The Pony Express only lasted about a year and a half.

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Marlon Brando Jr.
(April 3, 1924 – July 1, 2004) He was born
in Omaha, Nebraska

Marlon Brando portrayed powerful characters such as Don Vito in The
(1972), Terry Malloy in On the Waterfront (1954), and Colonel
Kurtz in
Apocalypse Now (1979). His performances in A Streetcar Named
(1951) earned him additional acclaim.

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Image result for jesse james photo may be worth millions

Justin Whiting, an eBay shopper in Spalding, U.K., purchased an
authentic tintype photo thought to be the earliest known photo of
legendary outlaw Jesse James at the young age of 14. After the
image was authenticated by forensic experts, it may now be
worth thousands or even millions of dollars. The photo was
originally bought by Whiting (below) for $10 in July 2017.

Justin Whiting with his rare photo of Wild West outlaw Jesse James. See SWNS story SWJESSE; An eBay fan hit the jackpot when a photograph he picked up on the site for just seven pounds is now said to be worth a whopping two million. Justin Whiting, 45, was astonished when forensic experts confirmed his picture of infamous Wild West outlaw Jesse James was genuine and could sell for six figures. Single Justin, from Spalding, Lincs, said: “Anything is possible on eBay so I kept buying the odd photograph for a few quid, like other people would buy a lottery ticket. “I noticed the picture for sale - it was ten dollars. It was a bit blurry on the site but when I got it, it was a lot clearer.

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Image result for frank abrams billy the kid

(Fox News) – The above photo provided by Frank Abrams of North
Caroline shows what historians believe is a photo of outlaw Billy
the Kid, second from left, and Pat Garrett, far right, taken in 1880.  Abrams, who bought the photo at a flea market in 20011 for $10,
says forensics experts and facial recognition have verified the
picture after several months of examination. It could be worth 
millions of dollars.


Image result for frank abrams billy the kid

North Carolina lawyer Frank Abrams shows a laptop image of his

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