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US Coast Guard image by Carlos Dominguez | Coast guard mom, Coast ...
The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is the coastal defense,
search and rescue, and maritime law enforcement branch of
United States Armed Forces and one of the country’s eight
uniformed services. Created by the U.S. Congress on 4 August
1790 at the request of Alexander Hamilton as the Revenue-
, it is the oldest continuous seagoing service of the
United States.

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OTD in History… August 4, 1944, Anne Frank and her family are ...

Acting on tip from a Dutch informer, the Nazi Gestapo captured 15-year-
old Jewish diarist
Anne Frank and her family in a sealed-off area of an
Amsterdam warehouse. The Franks had taken shelter there in 1942 out
of fear of deportation to a Nazi
concentration camp. They occupied the
small space with another Jewish
family and a single Jewish man, and
were aided by Christian friends, who brought  them food and supplies.

Anne spent much of her time in the so-called “secret annex”(below)
working on her diary. The diary survived the war, overlooked by the
Gestapo that discovered the hiding place.

Anne Frank | MY HERO
The bookcase to the Secret Annex.

A copy of Anne Frank's diary on exhibition at Katranski Communal ...

Anne Frank Original Diaries to be Exhibited    
 Rare' Anne Frank poem to be auctioned - The Hindu 
Annelies Marie
"Anne" Frank
(June 12, 1929 – March 12, 1945)

Anne Frank: The Capture by nandhinipandu on emaze
Anne Frank (center) is seen at the
Amsterdam Town Hall in July 1941.

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