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HARRY S. TRUMAN (May 8, 1884 – Dec. 26, 1972)


Harry S. Truman was the 33rd President of the United States (1945-1953. As
President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s third vice-president and the 34th Vice
President of the U.S. (1945), he succeeded to the presidency on April 12,
1945, when President Roosevelt died less than three  months after beginning
his historic fourth term.

harry-s-truman nwspaper

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capt and tinnille song book
toni tennille main

Toni Tennille is one-half of the 1970s’ Grammy Award-winning duo
Catain & Tennille (above). She has also done some musical work
independently of her husband Daryl Dragon.


Released in 1976, reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100
chart, as well as spending four non-consecutive weeks atop
the Easy Listening chart.

captain-and-tennille today
The duo today

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mothers_day EARLY

When the US Civil War ended in 1865, more than half a million soldiers lay dead,
the economy was shattered, and people remained deeply divided politically. The
observance of Mother’s Day in the United States began with two women’s efforts
for peace and reconciliation during this time of anguish. In 1870, Julia Ward Howe
called for an International Mother’s Day on which women would unite in opposing
war in all its forms. A few years later, Anna Reeves Jarvis began her annual 
Mother’s Friendship Day in an effort to reunite families and neighbors who 
had been alienated by the war.   

julia ward howe
Julia Ward Howe

 anna m. jarvis
Anna Reeves Jarvis

enjoy your day

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RICK NELSON (May 8, 1940 – December 31, 1985)

_Ricky_Nelson young_01


rick nelson later

Eric Hilliard "Ricky" Nelson, later known as Rick Nelson, was a singer,
musician, and Golden Globe-nominated actor. With fifty-three Hot 100
hits between 1957 and 1973, including nineteen top-ten hits, Nelson was   
second only to Elvis Presley as the most popular rock and roll artist of the  
1950s and 1960s. Nelson began his entertainment career in 1949 playing 
himself, along with his mother and father and big brother David, in the  
radio sitcom series, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

Nelsons radio show
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet on CBS radio, 1949 

ozzie and harriet on tv
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet aired on ABC-TV from October
3, 1952 to September 3, 1966.

1952 movie



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bob newhart show 060907

Don Rickles is a well known stand-up comedian and actor who has been
a frequent quest of late night TV shows. He has acted in comedic and
dramatic roles, but is best known as an insult comic. Rickles has enjoyed
a sustained career, due to his distinct sense of humor. It has been said
that being insulted by Rickles is like "wearing a badge of honor”.

rickles at the sahara

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