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Adrienne Barbeau came to prominence in the 1970s as Broadway’s original Rizzo
in the musical Grease, and as Carol Traynor, the divorced daughter of Maude
Findlay (played by Beatrice Arthur) in the CBS sitcom Maude (1972-1978). In
the early 1980s, Barbeau starred in several horror and Sci-Fi films, including
The Fog (1980), Creepshow (1982), and Escape from New York (1981). During
the 1990s, she became known for providing the voice of Catwoman on Batman:
The Animated Series


Adrienne-Barbeau- creepshow
Adrienne in Creepshow

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  1. Frank Cossentino says:

    I’d marry Adrienne even if she was 100!

  2. Bob wilson says:

    I discovered old tv shows lately on an oldies station and watched Maude For the first time in years. I watched Maude in the 70’s as a kid and seen ADRIENNE BARBEAU who I always thought was a fox. I wanted to see what she looks like today and was very surprised how great she looks. I think she was at the top of my list then and even now. What a very attractive lady. She has kept her good looks and aged very well. As we all get older we never realized what beautiful women in the old tv shows we watched. I guess we learn to appreciate them as years go by and they become more beautiful. I have very good memories from those whows and Adrienne was one of them. I would love to meet her but I know that’s not possible but it would be nice.

    • Paul says:

      I agree with Bob Wilson, and I would love to take her out for a nice dinner. I hope she wouldn’t mind a guy who is three years younger. She definitely still looks great!

      • Bob Wilson says:

        I guess like Paul we can only dream about Adrienne it would be nice take her out to dinner but I’m 6 years younger. I watched Maude tonite and she was on and I can’t believe how beautiful she was and still is. I really appreciate the older women now and how more beautiful she has become. I know she will probably never read this but it’s nice to know there are other guys who feel the same way I do and appreciate a beautiful women. Anyway she still looks great today and aged very well. Hope who ever she’s with appreciates her. So many stars have bad marriages and bad mates.

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