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Neka the lion explores her new exhibit at the Oregon Zoo, which Teri Dresler will temporarily run after the departures of the zoo's director and a veterinarian this week. Dresler has been leading Metro's efforts to build a 600-room Hyatt Regency at the Oregon Convention Center. Metro says its support for the so-called HQ hotel project is unchanged.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Neka, the oldest member of the
Oregon Zoo’s African lion pride, had a seizure and 
died Friday night at age 16.

Zoo officials stated that wild female lions rarely live
past 16  years old.

African lion Neka with one of her six-week-old cubs in Predators of the Serengeti. Oregon Zoo / photo by Michael Durham.
Neka with one of her cubs.

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Famous Firsts by Hispanic Americans timeline | Timetoast timelines

On September 30, 1822, Joseph Marion Hernández (1788-1857) 
became the first Hispanic to be elected to the
United States

Born a Spanish citizen, Hernández would die in Cuba, but in
between he became the
first Hispanic American to serve at
the highest levels of any of three branches of the American
federal government.

                                Coat of arms or logo

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Image for story: Lawsuit, filed on behalf of homeless, argues Portland's camping ban is illegal
(by Tanvi Varma and KATU Staff)

PORTLAND, Ore. — A new class action lawsuit has been filed
in Multnomah County court on behalf of people experiencing homelessness.

The lawsuit, filed by attorneys at the Oregon Law Center, says
the camping ban,
passed by Portland City Council earlier this
, is illegal.

The camping ban, which hasn’t been enforced yet, would
restrict camping in public places between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

The plaintiffs in the case argue it unfairly targets homeless

Maybe Too Blonde - A Life In Europe: Unfunny Germans

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Image result for actor james d ean die s in car accident in 1955    
  13 best Infamous Deaths images on Pinterest | Crime scenes, History and Historical photos  

At 5:45 PM on September 30, 1955, 24-year-old actor James
Dean was killed in Cholame, California, when the Porsche
he is driving hits a Ford Tudor sedan at an intersection.

The driver of the other car, 23-year-old California Polytechnic
State University student Donald Turnupseed, was dazed but
mostly uninjured; Dean’s passenger, German mechanic Rolf
Wütherich was badly injured but survived.

Only one of Dean’s movies, “East of Eden,” had been released
at the time of his death (“Rebel Without a Cause” and “Giant”
opened shortly afterward), but he was already on his way to superstardom—and the crash made him a legend.

James Dean loved racing cars, and in fact he and his brand-
new, $7000 Porsche Spyder convertible were on their way
to a race in Salinas, 90 miles south of San Francisco.

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James Dean to be brought back to life to star in movies, TV shows and ...

James Dean (Age: 24) Actor -- Auto accident -- 1955 When he died my girl ...

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