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Image result for actor roger perry

Image result for actor roger perry
Roger Perry (May 7, 1933 – July 12, 2018)

(Fox News/Variety) – Character actor Roger Perry died
Thursday at his home in Indian Wells. Calif., after a
battle with prostrate cancer.

Perry compiled dozens of feature, television, and stage
credits during a long career that began when he was
discovered by Lucille Ball, who put the young actor
under contract to Desilu Studios. He co-starred with
Pat O’Brien in the ABC series “Harrigan and Son,”
and co-starred with Chuck Connors and Ben Gazzara
in the 90-minute drama “Arrest & Trial.”

Perry was a guest star on the “Star Trek” TV series in
a memorable first-season episode in 1967, “Tomorrow
Is Yesterday,” playing Captain John Christopher (below).

Image result for actor roger perry
From left: Roger Perry and William Shatner

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camille bohannon

American singer-actor Rick Springfield performs before a large
crowd at the Live Aid famine relief concert at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia on this day in 1985.

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Live Aid concert crowds at Wembley Stadium in London.

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Jean-Paul Marat, a famous French revolutionary and member of the
Club des Cordeliers, was assassinated by the Girondin sympathizer Charlotte Corday on this day in 1793.

Jean-Paul Marat portre.jpg
Jean-Paul Marat
(May 24, 1743 – July 13, 1793)

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In New York, Civil War draft riots erupted on this day in 1863.

Image result for civil war draft riots erupted in new york city

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Image result for a power blackout  hits the big apple
It was on this in 1977 when a power blackout hit the Big Apple.

Image result for a power blackout  hits the big apple

Image result for a power blackout  hits the big apple

Image result for a power blackout  hits the big apple

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Image result for actor harrison ford 2018
Actor Harrison Ford is 76 years old today.

Iconic actor Harrison Ford’s memorable characters include Han Solo from
the original Star Wars trilogy from 1977, Indiana Jones trilogy beginning
in 1981, and Rick Deckard from the 1982 sci-fi classic
Blade Runner. He
earned Golden Globe Award nominations for his roles in
Witness (1985),
The Mosquito Coast
(1986), The Fugitive (1993) and Sabrina (1995). He
was ranked #1 on Empire’s 1997 list of the Top 100 Movie Stars of All

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